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The BMW M2

Renting a BMW M2 from Derby Limos Hire is probably the best treat you could give yourself or your loved ones. Getting behind the wheel of a sports saloon with an edgy exterior that mirrors the muscle inside is everyone’s dream. The car’s muscle equates to 411 horsepower at about 6,500 revolutions per minute in your hands. As a result, the massive holes and air intakes (both in the center and on the sides) will definitely mesmerize you. Although they are meant to keep the driving engine and brakes cool.

An Overview of The BMW M2 Competition

Our BMW M2 Competition will impress you with its higher level of sportiness. Furthermore, the car offers an exceptional blend of performance, agility, and precision. It is believed that the BMW M2 CS is responsible for the vehicle’s outstanding performance. The BMW M2 details were created to provide excellent performance and action on the racetrack. It boasts a double kidney grille and LED headlights, as well as other features.

The vehicle’s Jet-black 18-inch M-style 719 M twin-spoke sport wheels provide a thrilling combination of braking and acceleration. The standard M sports brakes are responsible for all of this. The Cerium gray aerodynamic mirror caps and the BMW model logo on the back emphasize the car’s tight ties to the BMW M lineup.

Rent a BMW M2 in Derby.

The BMW M2 hire is the latest BMW brainchild. We’d all been anticipating it, and we’re glad to announce that it is available for hire. We can tell that it will be the biggest hit of the next season, with an official lap time of up to 8 minutes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to rent our BMW M2 in Derby for an exciting road test.

We will provide you with a short driving course before you get to the track. The course is supposed to help you get familiar with the car. You will be the pilot, and our instructor will guide and help you from the co-driver seat.

It will also involve an enhanced theoretical course as part of the entire familiarization training program. covering most of the areas in Derbyshire. From sports cars’ dynamics and braking points to cornering and U-turn slide correction, and overall car control, we’ve got you covered. The training can be split into about two or three days depending on your working schedule. Although we also have the weekly sessions, which are optional.




For you to rent a BMW M2 Vehicle:

  • You must have a valid driver’s license as well as a passport.
  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • Read all the safety restrictions and plan.

Why You Should Rent the Bmw M2 Competition?

Many features make our BMW M2 rental an excellent choice for intercity travel. Some of these features include:

  • The spacious roomy interior
  • Comfortable interior
  • All-wheel drive

The all-wheel feature allows you to explore less-traveled pathways and see breathtaking sights of the Derbyshire region. Not only will our customers be comfortable with the car, but they can also expect top-tier driving performance from the BMW M2. Dynamic Damper Control is a system that allows the driver to alter the damper settings of the suspension to account for all road conditions. No matter the condition of the road, you’ll remain comfortable and relaxed. The threads provide a strong grip to help you navigate rocky roads or cobblestone streets. A BMW M2 rental from Derby Limos Hire is an incredible choice no matter where you’re going.

For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you might be wondering what the abbreviation M2 actually means. The word “M2” is an abbreviation that has been used by BMW for years to refer to refer to its high-performance sports cars. Every M sports car is equipped with the most reliable engines. In addition, the M2’s models have an expertly adjusted chassis and maneuverability. And that’s also what BMW Motor Company gave to the M2 car! The M2 is the immediate successor of the M3 and the M4’s younger sibling.

At Derby Limos Hire, we can assist you in reserving the vehicle that best meets your travel needs. Whether you are going for business, a family vacation, or pleasure, we are happy to offer sports car rentals that are known for their excellent performance and engineering quality around Derby and the surrounding areas. If you’d like to reserve a specific model, such as a BMW M2, contact our knowledgeable team and you’ll be provided with a free quote immediately.