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10 Kickass Sports Car Hire Wigan for Sporting Event

We are a Sports Car Hire Wigan company that is dedicated to providing the safest sports car rentals in Wigan . For any sporting event, rent one of our exotic cars, ranging from the Nissan GT-R to the McLaren 720S. Discover more of our blossoming sporting events here with our 10 Kickass Sports Car Hire Wigan for Sporting Event.
We provide our sports cars and classic cars for any of the following sporting events:
We are known to offer an exceptional selection of exotic cars as well as being a reliable sports car hire service provider. Book with our sports car hire Wigan today and get to attend your sporting event in style and with class.


Rent our Nissan GTR Sports Car Hire Wigan and get a taste of the greatest and most up-to-date model that we have. Be among our few customers with the opportunity to enjoy our Nissan GTR. Ultimate powers and pure adrenaline.
Customers in and around Wigan shire can rent this top-of-the-line Nissan. We do free deliveries to any location in the Wigan shire region. Arrange for sports event pickups, among other special occasions.


With competitive rates and a high-performance McLaren Sports Car Hire Wigan model, we can meet your rental needs in the UK. We are also offering hourly McLaren 720s rentals across the UK area.
According to our research, we realized that the McLaren 720S rental car is one of the most underappreciated supercars in history. We also found out that this rocket produces about 710BHP thanks to McLaren’s new 4.0 dual turbocharged engine.
All of this adds up to a 0-60 time of approximately 2.8 seconds and a top speed of up to 212 miles per hour. There’s no reason not to hire your McLaren 720S. Our delivery is all across the UK and we offer nationwide pickup.


We have many distinct limousine variations, considerably more than the typical Wigan shire limo that you are probably familiar with.
As a car hire company, we have a wide selection of inventive limos. Our limos come in the most unique designs to define how we travel from one area to another.
Not only is the seating configuration unusual, but so is the sight and feel that passengers experience while arriving in our limousines. We have an Audi Q7 limo, a BMW X5 Limo, and Chrysler C300s Bentley limo, which are a few of the limo fleets available for hire.


On your wedding day, we ensure that you travel in the ultimate style. With our vintage classic cars, you can make a show-stopping entry. Alternatively, we can help plan for a perfect editorial shoot with our vintage car hire Wigan shire.
We guarantee that our stunning fleet of antique cars for hire in Wigan shire, including the Bentley S1 1956 and the Rolls-Royce Spirit Sports Car Hire Wigan , will draw a lot of attention.
For all the right reasons, these legendary vehicles will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. Get in touch for more information and prices on our vintage cars.
From our vintage wedding car list, you can select from:

Choose from the respected world-class brands

We are ready to thrill you with our usual top-brand sports car selection. For a very reasonable sports car hire price, we can provide you with a variety of aesthetics and driving dynamics.
If you’re looking for a supercar, we have cars like the Nissan GTR, with plenty of power and thrilling handling. Our sports cars come in various sizes. We have the smallest carrying capacity of only 2 passengers. And our Audi S3 has a passenger capacity of up to five seats.
Our sports car rentals offer a new era of luxury and comfort. The sports cars feature modern luxury, premium amenities, and innovative technology. Hire with us today and embark on an adventure in our high-performance all-wheel-drive sports cars.


Many of us find that 24 hours is more than enough time to enjoy the excitement of driving a supercar or any other premium vehicle around the city. It’s for this reason that we had to go a step ahead and provide daily special rates.
We offer a price match guarantee. Be sure that any of the luxury vehicles displayed on our website can be rented for a day at the lowest possible price.
Those we have partnered with know how passionate we are about high-performance cars. Our aim at Limo Hire Wigan is to provide you with the most thrilling and unforgettable experience.
We can provide this service hassle-free and at the best price, whether it’s a Bentley, Ferrari, or an amazing Lamborghini.
Hire one of our self-driving sports cars at a low cost. You can get around the city for less money if you use our sports car self-drive. Book our clean sports car rental ahead of time to avoid the last-minute rush.
For inquiries on how to get a fresh new sports car hire from us, call us today. We provide professional transportation services.
You can check out our newest model of car in our inventory and make a reservation as soon as possible! We will meet your sports car rental needs no matter what.
Come see us today! a company that is reliable and trustworthy. Chauffeurs with years of experience. What more can you ask for?